Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Rolls

I planned to post the recipe for this lovely, delicious, incredible recipe for the best cinnamon rolls that I have ever tasted...but too lazy to search for it today (at this very moment I only have the printed copy -which already smudges with flour, butter, etc).
So, i post the picture first..:)
The ooey gooey part is at the bottom. Supposed to invert it first before taking pictures.
This is the tenth (roughly) times I baked this rolls.

I always wanted to bake bread. I got some recipes from my mum's kitchen, but all the bread/buns turned out tough and hard, and end up in the bin. So, after dozens of times trying, I quit... No more baking anything that have to do with yeast. I thought that it's not my kind of cooking...
10 or perhaps 20 years later...with the help of INTERNET...I learnt a lot about bread.
The biggest mistake (or rather lack of knowledge) is not using the right ingredients.
Use a GOOD high quality flour. Always use high protein flour(last 20years-I don't even know that there are many kind of wheat flour). I don't even know that there are other types of flour other than all-purpose flour @ self-raising flour.

But...now I know...
So...beware...many more recipes to come. This cinnamon rolls is just the beginning...

And make sure that the yeast is good before you mix everything up. No point in making bread with a bad yeast.
I'll write about it next time.

p/s...to my hubby...be ready..u are my food critic..
tons more coming your way for your taste test...

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