Tuesday, May 8, 2007

In A Quest For The Best Buttercream Frosting V

I'm not really in a quest anymore. The perfect recipe is found. But I like the title...hehhee...
And one more thing, there are a few people been asking me through email@friends@etc, I am in Ipoh.


Anonymous said...

doc..seriously la... from photo it looks very yummy. apa kata u buat business jual cupcake nie...so suh your hubby bring 2d office and we all could taste n promote it.

plus, bakershop jarang jual fancy cupcakes. **m just bg idea**

and kl-ipoh bukan alasan :)


drNO said...

amboi...amboi...amboi... kiranya you all kat opis tu mkn free la yek..hahahha... :))
Anyway, I mmg every week krm something utk korang (sbb msk pun bukan ramai org nak mkn kat umah ni), tapi kdg2 je my dear pakcik ijad bwk pg opis. Marah kan dia....;)
About the bisnes idea, it's already in mind, cuma...NEED A NEW OVEN!!!
p/s n a new camera la AB, our old camera dah nazak... heheheh

Anonymous said...

tue biasa...nak wat business mmg kne berkorban. tp mmg pakcik tu slalu gak bwk mkanan. sumer..di ulangi sumer org kate SODAPPPPPPPP

camera lama cuma alasan, if pandai amikgamba..camera cap ayam pun pict nampak elok

drNO said...

ish..aku nih x brp pandai amik gamba la...hahahhahah
anyway..ethank you very much...kombang idung sekejap...:))

zaitgha said...

just discovered your blog...nice....can share your perfect recipe? m trying a few now...