Friday, May 11, 2007

In A Quest For The Perfect Design II

I planned to make cupcakes for mother's day. However I was rather groggy as it was already way past midnight by the time I finished with the Arsenal cupcakes.
I wanted to decorate with very light pink frosting in strawberry flavour, but I end up mixing lots of the pink icing color making it 'shocking' pink. I planned to do some writing on it (eg.happy mother's day), but at the last minute, just made some swirls. And I was running out of frosting, so the pink swirl were far from perfect.
(Another note for myself..need to improve my color coordination..:))


Anonymous said...

hi inside mind..thanx for ur comment in my fotopages..yes the deisn are nice but if want to for printing make sure u go to the rite printing shop...mind was very2 not good..pixwl pecah..erm tatau sape gantung sampai skang sbr jek le..hey u r from ipoh...i love ur cupcakes design cute la..i bet the taste are nice too...i'm planning tk do minicafe beside my 2ndhand bookstore...mayb i can order cupcakes friend doing this cupcakes business but she is too far la...ahahahah mayb kiter bleh deal camne tgu my memory house mini cafe baru nk renovate bln nih..anyway nice blog too..i;ve add it to my favourite sites:D


HLiza said...

Hi drNO, you're from Ipoh too? Yaayy..jumpa jugak org Ipoh dlm ni. You're very talented cook I guess.. you remind me of my sis-in-law di KL..I order everything from her; I tak pandai masakle. That's why dlm blog tu tak pernah cerita pasal masak! Do you do this for your living?

drNO said...

ninie-we'll talk about this later, perhaps..:)

hliza-yes, i'm from ipoh. the answer for the second Q-no. :))

babyripp said...

ello noi. thanks for dropping by my fotopage. it's nice to meet an ipohan in the blogosphere. they are pretty hard to come by... best of luck in your future cupcakes business. will be following your progress insyaallah.

and btw, i'm from maresmart batch 6

Anonymous said...

a' niniey dr Tronoh..nk tnyer DrNO amik order tak??kalo ader amik ingt nk tempah..utk majlis tunang sepupu nk sponsor 1 teringat friend ader wat tempahan cupcakes tp dier jauh sgt dkt kl saner...n teringat kt DrNo yg mmg berada kt ipoh nih kan...erm kalo boleh nk tempah..pls reply my msg eh a.s.a.p