Monday, May 14, 2007

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup -hockey final

What a day...
My 'ever dearest' is really a sports enthusiast.
However, sad to say, I don't share that passion. I just hate sports, whatever the game is.
Anyway, as we are staying in Ipoh, and the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup was held here, my husband brought us to the final match between Malaysia and Australia. Being a good sport for him and for my son (he really wanted to go) so, I tugged along.
We went in the morning to buy the tickets, only to be told that it's free.
The game started around 5pm. By the time we got there, the Sultan Azlan shah Hocket Stadium were very, very crowded. We can't even get a glimpse of the hockey field. The stadium was extremely full of people, and we can't even get in.

The most that we get, was standing at the entrance. from there we could only see the cameraman who was standing next to the score board.

After a few minutes, we managed to push through another metre or so, and this was what we could see after straining our neck like a giraffe.

After a while, we decided, it was best to go back home and just watched it from the tv. Anyway, that was a good exposure for my kids (who rarely go to crowded places).
And it started to rain as well.
The final score- Australia won 3-1. They are the world champion anyway.

Eventhough my son only got a glimpse of the game, but he had fun. Especially the part of running back to the car when it's started to rain. (and the car was park 500metres away)


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day 2 U;

We possibly will.....
Paint the town red - just to show how much u meant to us,

Put advert in every single page of every single paper in the world - just to show how much we appreciate everything u done to us,

Hire a plane and write in the air 'We Luv U Mama' - just to say how much we luv u..

But we know...
Not even that, not even the most superlative word in this world will suffice to say how much u meant to us, how much we appreciate u and how much we luv and need u...

So we possibly........
just say this in ur blogs...:p

all of ur 'babies'.

drNO said...

Thnak you very much..
All of you meant so much to me..
Thanks uf&ln for all the hugs, kisses and songs that both of you gave me all day long.. mummy loves you two

Love you much ab...