Monday, May 28, 2007

My Ever Dearest opening his pirate's eye patch

My 'ever dearest' was on medical leave today. Reason-his right eye was swollen since yesterday. He can't even opened his eye this morning. His small eye, got even smaller...hehheh :)
Just FYI, I did not punch him right on the eye. Nor it was caused by any injuries whatsoever. So, he must caught some kind of infection somewhere.
Bought him some medication to relieve the symptoms-swelling and itchiness, which he refused to take...claiming that engineers believe in 'naturopathy', in other words...being in pain and feeling uncomfortable is better than taking medication. But the truth is he's afraid of anything that has to do with drugs-the drugs itself, the procedure (eg. IV, injection), the place (eg. clinics, hospitals) and the personnel (eg. doctors). But how on earth that he end up marrying me.....hahhahaha

p/s anyway darling...hope you get well soon. If it turned out to be an infection, don't go around spreading it to others.
p/ss if you feel any increasing in discomfort...pls take your medication...:)


isleasy said...

hehe..naturopathy eh? perkataan baru tuh..

drNO said...

healing naturally la kengkononnya....hahahah

Anonymous said...

Engineers methodology -
We fix sumthing from the root cause. We dunt just jump wire or 'cheat' the main 'brain'. If we do that it will cause catastrophe failure in the future.

Drugs - is like u jump wire, the real pain is there only the brain dunt feel it.

Whereas, Naturopathic medicine (also known as naturopathy) is a school of medical philosophy and practice that seeks to improve health and treat disease chiefly by assisting the body's innate capacity to recover from illness and injury.

and Dear,
just to set the record straight, i dunt marry ur qualification nor ur profession. As we 1st met i dunt know u r a med student!
And god knows how difficult to date and marry a doctor..

i. We have to follow ur time.. So many times we had lunch and dinner 5 hrs late from normal ppl time.

ii. I hv to find hobby to occupy myself when u r 'on call' which is every other day. :(

iii. Feeling guilty when ur home tired after 30hrs at hospital..

So guys pls, dunt say that i dunt ward u... hehehe


wan said...

ish ish ish ...i ingat u punch him ....hehehe

HLiza said...

Ala..guys memang susah nak disiplin kalau masuk bab2 ubat-ubatan ni..senang cakap..takut ubat! Keh keh keh..

drNO said...

doctor treat patients, dear...
patients come with symptoms, if the cause is known, we directly treat the cause and also the symptoms.
if the diagnosis is still blur...we treat to relief the symptom, while we crammed our head and wait for the lab results to finalised the diagnosis.
Doctors doesn't just left the patient in pain while searching for the 'root' of the illness. :)

anyway, don't talk like i just knew u...heheh
Just admit that u 'takut ubat'...hahahhah

darthvadai said...

macam Prelude to pirates of the caribbean - one eyed jack hhahahahahahaha