Friday, May 11, 2007

In A Quest For The Perfect Design I

Yesterday around 5pm, my 'ever dearest' requested me to bake him some cupcakes with arsenal team themed. And he want to bring them to Kuala Lumpur around 4.30am this morning. What a short notice...
Actually I have promised him birthday cupcakes this year, but since on his birthday, which is on the 24th April, I was not home. I thought I will bake them next monday.
I have ran out of some baking and decorating goods, so we went to the bakery supply shop...and to my dissapointment, it was close!! Why most of the shops in Ipoh closes by 6pm?? Don't they know that, that is the time that we start going out (after coming back from work, etc).
So, stop by the ever convenience store-TESCO. But not much baking supply there.
I only got to bake after dinner, and after waiting for the cupcakes to cool and tucking the kids to sleep, then only I started making the frosting and decorate (which is almost midnight).
Soccer theme- what am I suppose to do. I've no idea. I'm not a fan of soccer. Thinking of asking my husband's idea, but he already fast asleep. do it.
Sorry, I couldn't come out with a better idea. And a reminder to myself...never ever do any writings on writing is unreadable on paper...don't suppose it will improve on cakes...hahahahah.
(The first idea is to used fondant lettering, but could not get them-might have to make them from scratch next time).
I was supposed to write happy birthday on the cake- like what you see at the back of the jersey...but as i've told you...not good in writing. And it read 24.4.19??(thought that may be my hubby wanted to keep the year a if we don't know) ;))
At this moment, my ever dearest and the cupcakes are making their way to KL by bus :), pray to GOD it will arrive there in perfect condition...

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